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Taxes, News, Politics, Talk Radio from the Old Deer Hunters

The Old Deer Hunters wants you to know the truth and the real news -- National and International.  Some of you may not have cable TV or Satellite TV.  Please visit the news providers below to expand your information base.  If you are depending on ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN for your news, you may not be getting the full story.

Taxes Too High!!

There is a crisis in America.  Taxes are killing Americans, rich and poor alike.  Federal income tax, state income tax, social security tax, state and local sales tax, property tax, gasoline tax, Car tags, license fees, telephone tax, Cable TV tax, unemployment tax, computer tax, toll roads, real estate taxes, and more. Do you realize how much you are paying for taxes? The average family pays more in taxes than they do for food and shelter combined.  The Democratic Party myth is to talk about how unfair it is that the rich get the tax breaks, but don't let them fool you, they don't want any tax breaks for anyone. They only want more of your money, your private property and more of your rights taken away. When are you going to wake up?

Lets count it up in rough chunks so that we can all understand.  If you are working an average American job; teacher, car salesman, fireman, union labor scale, plumber etc., your private property, IE your paycheck is ripped apart before you get it. 

Average Federal income tax 28%
Social Security tax              14%
Average State Income tax     6%
Average Unemployment tax   ?
Total payroll tax                  48+%

Average Sales tax                7%
Clinton Gasoline tax             5%

Total                                    60+%  

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News/Talk Radio

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Little Green Footballs Blog
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Bill O'Rielly

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Sportsmen Pay 11% hidden excise tax on Guns & ammo in addition to license fees!

When you look at the figures above, don't forget that your employer does not pay for your social security out of his pocket. He passes it along to the consumer and employees in the form of lower wages and higher prices. You pay it one way or another- we all do.  Any tax paid to the government directly or indirectly (like workers comp) is money out of your pocket. And don't overlook things like telephone tax ( of my $39.00 phone bill this month, $11.63 was taxes ) every month, and Cable TV tax, license fees for everything under the sun.  Tom Dasshole, Senate Majority leader, wants what you are paying now and the tiny cut that President Bush pushed through earlier this year. It makes him fighting mad that he only gets 60% of your paycheck, your private property that they take at the point of a gun if they have to. He wants more and he wants it from every American, especially the ones who vote to put him and all his Liberal Democrat buddies in power.

And don't forget, some of the Republicans are just as bad. No one in Congress has done squat for working Americans since Newt left the House. He was the only one with balls enough to actually pass some legislation and get it pushed through the Senate.

When are we going to have another Boston Tea Party and demand that the government stop taking the food out of our children's mouths  and the clothes off our backs.  This is pure robbery!!

We need to be like the real Robin Hood. Don't let the Liberal Democrats confuse you. Robin Hood did not rob from the rich and give to the poor.  He took back the taxes the King took from the people and gave it back to the people in his own brand of tax cuts.

Write your State and Federal Senators and Representatives and tell them to cut taxes now!!

If you want more info on how you are getting ripped off in taxes, you might want to tune into one of the stations listed in the side bar like Neal Boortz.  Or you may just want to add up what you are NOT getting in your paycheck.

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