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ODHA Loading Data

Handloading is the science (and an art to some degree) of building custom ammunition. Reloading is what you do when your firearm is out of ammo. Forgive those who confuse the terms. Factory ammunition is just not good enough for the ODHA. If you are one of those hard to satisfy types too, this page is for you


 ODHA Loading Data

Safety First!!!!

Read This!!
Important Safety and Health Precautions

The most important aspect of Handloading is Safety!

Disclaimer! Loading Data on this site is for information only! ODHA, nor any of it's members, are responsible for accidents from it's use. Use at your own risk!!

Getting Started Handloading From Alliant Powders

Spirit of 76 Reloading Page

Click below for Great Prices on Reloading Tools and Components

Fire Protection Equipment - Prepare for accidents before they happen.  Get the safety products you need before you reload.  Swift Fire Protection is a full service fire protection company that can provide you with proper safety equipment you need in your reloading room or shop.  Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, safety goggle and any other gear you need for safety and fire protection.  Be safe, not sorry, call Swift and get the safety equipment today.


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