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Deer Hunting with Modern Guns, Archery, Muzzleloader

Georgia Dove Hunting

Fred McLean's Georgia Dove Hunt

Rifle Scopes

leupodonruger202Over the years we have owned, sold, mounted, and tested just about every brand of scope available. None seem to have as many of our required features and qualities as the Leupold's. Those qualities include dependability, ruggedness, good looks, clarity, and the balance of magnification, eye relief, and field of view. Since we exclusively use variable power models, maintaining point of aim at different powers in mandatory, as is minimizing the affects of parallax.
More about Leupold Scopes


Food Plots for deer

fplot60020002The ODHA deer food plots in 2009 did not do as well as expected. We tried soy beans, grain sorghum, peas, turnips and Evolve Harvest Seed Blends but only the sorghum and turnips grew well.

Next year we will try again, but at least this year the deer and turkeys have a little extra food.

See more info about food plots.



Wild Game Recipes

1steakRecipes from the Old Deer Hunters and from around the net. Thanks to the great cooks who shared their favorite Venison dishes!! One of the great advantages of hunting is all the good, health food from our success in the field.  Venison and other wild game make great table fare and there is no limit to the ways it can be prepared. The other day I started browning some venison with green peppers and onions to make stew but when I tasted it to check the seasoning, it was so good I ate it right there instead of making stew. Anyway, a few of my friends sent along a few recipes so I am passing them along to you.  Fore some great venison dishes go to venison recipes.


Hunting Photos

ODHA Hunting Photos
ODHA Deer Hunting Photos
ODHA ELK Hunting Photos
ODHA Turkey Hunting Photos
ODHA Varmint Hunting Photos
ODHA Trailcam Photos


Hunting Information 

Deer Hunting Stands
Georgia Deer Harvest Survey Results

Arkansas Fish & Game
Arkansas Outdoors
Georgia DNR

Georgia Hunting, Fishing, and Boat licenses online

Deer Feeding Tables


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