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             The Old Deer Hunters Association                      

The ODHA is an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife, hunting, reloading, and recreational shooting. The ODHA site provides information on Firearms, Hunting, Handloading, and Safety for men and women who share our interest in the outdoors. We are trying to provide a place on the web where hunters and recreational shooters can get information that will help them to improve their game. Our hunting is usually done in Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, and Colorado and we will try to share our trips with you in pictures and reports. We do not sell guns, ammo or explosives.

ODHA Reports evaluates guns, cartridges, scopes, binoculars, chronographs, and other gear. Hopefully these reports can help you make better decisions when you plunk down big bucks on expensive guns and gear, and prevent you making the same mistakes we have made over the years. 

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New for July, 2014

.243 Winchester Load Testing
.243 Winchester Load Testing

Georgia Whitetail Buck
BBD 2014 - .280 Mountain Rifle

Astra Model 300 Pistol 7.65mm

Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit



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